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A Canucks ’emergency’

A Canucks ’emergency’

On Oct. 30, police attended a Coast residence to confirm the well-being of the caller after receiving a 9-1-1 call. The caller stayed on the line and told the dispatcher she was attempting to find the hockey game on TV and that there was no emergency. However, as per policy, police needed to confirm that in person. Upon arrival, police spoke with the caller who explained she was having trouble locating the Canucks game on TV, which was supposed to be on channel 911. Police noted the caller appeared to be using the phone to attempt to change channels, which explained the 911 call. The officer, who also noted the phone and remote looked very similar, helped set the TV to the hockey game and walked about the house to confirm no other emergencies existed before leaving.  [The Canucks lost 2-1 in overtime.]


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