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A “floatel” for Woodfibre

A “floatel” for Woodfibre

In response to widespread community feedback, Woodfibre LNG has filed a proposed amendment to the project’s Environmental Assessment Approvals. The Amendment seeks BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO), Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) and Squamish Nation approval to house construction workers in a floating worker camp (“the floatel”). The proposed floatel would have the capacity to house a majority of workers during the facility’s construction phase and would be located just offshore at the project site.

The floatel will be a self-contained accommodation facility with approximately 400 to 600 beds, an on-board kitchen, recreational areas, sewage collection and holding tanks, garbage collection, and a loading dock. Water will be recycled, and waste will be carried off the vessel for disposal at a licensed facility. Clean, renewable power will be provided from BC Hydro via an existing connection at the Woodfibre site.


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  1. Where will all that sewage really go, after they “collect” it?

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