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A special tribute to entrepreneurs

October is International Small Business Month. Throughout the month various aspects of small business – that great economic driver – are celebrated by communities, chambers of commerce, banks and lending agencies such as the Business Development Bank of Canada, and professional organizations.

October 20-24, 2014 National Business Women’s Week. NBWW helps to promote leadership roles for women and to increase
opportunities for advancement professionally and personally.

NBWW is a great opportunity to recognize and highlight the progress women have made as business owners and entrepreneurs. NBWW also provides an opportunity to facilitate discussions on the needs of working women, share information about successful workplace policies, and raise awareness of the resources available for working women in their communities.

The concept of National Business Women’s Week originated with Emma Dot Partridge, Executive Secretary of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs from 1924 to 1927.

Small Business Week 2014 runs from October 19 to 25. From its start as a small event in BC in 1979, Small Business Week has grown to become a national celebration with hundreds of activities providing training and development opportunities for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs across the country spread across the whole month of October.

The theme of Small Business Week 2014 is ‘Back to Basics. Reenergize Your Business.

Small Business Week is about celebrating the efforts and successes of Canadian small businesses, but it’s also about learning and the exchange of ideas. To grow, Canadian entrepreneurs across Canada need the right people, technology and business skills to beat the competition both here and abroad. Small Business Week 2014 is about sharing stories of success and helpful, practical advice on how to succeed with those who are ambitious for their companies.

This week, The Local recognizes and salutes the small business owners, especially the women entrepreneurs in our community who are helping to grow the Sunshine Coast economy.

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