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A type of satisfaction that algorithms can’t compete with

There is nothing like browsing through the shelves of a library. Maybe you are looking for “The Witches are Coming” by Lindy West. You found the call number (305.42 WEST) in our catalogue, wrote it down, and are now meandering through the shelves looking for it. But, as you are looking for said 305.42 WEST, you stumble across “Ten Years in the Tub” by Nick Hornby, “This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klein and “Radian Voices” by Carla Bergman. What a delight.
With our world being increasingly online, we may feel our brain slowly turning into mush as we are exposed to more and more content provided by personalized algorithms and targeted advertisements. But when you walk through a library, you get to stumble across serendipitous finds. This type of discovery provides you with a type of satisfaction that algorithms can’t compete with.
Another key asset of libraries that artificial intelligence can’t compete with are Reference Librarians. One of libraries’ best kept secrets, Reference Librarians are information specialists that can help you find any information you need. Looking for information about Regency-era dressmaking, mushroom picking or Danish literature? Our Reference Librarians will connect you with the right information, whether it is in a book, on a website, in a video, in a research article or elsewhere. If we don’t have what you are looking for in our collection, we can usually find it from another library and bring it in for you.
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