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A virtual door to student learning

A virtual door to student learning

Students and teachers at Elphinstone Secondary school, Langdale Elementary school, West Sechelt Elementary school, Roberts Creek Elementary school and Kinnikinnick Elementary school will benefit from innovative learning concepts being put into action thanks to new K-12 Innovation Partnership projects.

The participating schools will investigate ways to shift student assessment so it aligns with the personalization and experiential learning of the new curriculum. Using Freshgrade, a digital e-portfolio, teachers will be able to open a virtual door to student learning. This will allow students and parents to view learning as an ongoing process, and enhance the opportunities for interaction between all stakeholders.

This is just one example of the 32 Innovation Partnership programs now in place in public and independent schools throughout the province.

Selected projects reflect B.C.’s new K-12 curriculum and support teachers and students as they prepare for future success in our changing world. Other examples of K-12 Innovation Partnership programs include opportunities for young learners to:

• use technology to conduct self-directed scientific research

• participate in enhanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs

• develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Each project will receive $8,000 in financial support for teacher release time, research, and project expenses, plus there will be opportunities for project teams to collaborate with colleagues and explore how these innovative concepts could be adopted by other school districts.


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