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Advantage service & leadership: Staff development is the path to success

Advantage service & leadership: Staff development is the path to success

There are many ways to improve and grow a business, and no shortage of areas to prioritize, but training and investing in staff proves its value time and again – from lower turnover, better performance, higher customer satisfaction, and a maturation of institutional knowledge, an investment in staff is an investment in the organization that reaps dividends year after year.

The Sunshine Coast Advantage Service and Leadership Program is a partnership and a pledge between business, staff, and community to recognize the importance of investing in service and leadership skills on the Coast.  Advantage is about cultivating excellence and providing the binding, long-term value that drives and maintains business success.

Staff are the eyes, ears, and hands on the ground that are responsible for day to day operations, making decisions at key points, and executing on the needs of customers and demands of the business.  Trained, skilled, confident staff are the difference between a smoothly running operation and an organization locked in perpetual, cyclical crisis.

Staff development isn’t something you do just once – it is a process.  Building a staff development process into your business will help you attract and keep the best employees and enable you to seize opportunities when they arise.  The Advantage program is here to assist businesses to develop their own staff development process.

Organizations that are looking for help with their process will be contacted by the Advantage Navigator. The Navigator will meet with the business owner and help them explore the long menu of tools and methods, trainers and consultants that are available. The Navigator’s job is to help the business owner design a staff development process that is right for them and their unique business.

There are no fees for this service and participating businesses that implement a staff development process will have their commitment to their staff recognized through community notices, commercial advertising, and in-network spotlighting.

Invest in expert staff today and rest your business on bedrock for the future.

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