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Afraid to speak out

I was asked to speak with other Coast Businesses by local people interested in the Sechelt Mayoral race. I did not get one positive feedback from any business owner that I phoned and chatted with. No one felt that it was a fair and open playing field in the District of Sechelt anymore. All were disgruntled with perceived favoritism to select businesses. When asked if they would support with a donation or time to a person interested in running for Mayor they all answered, “NO!” Emphatically, “NO!” Why, I asked? Not one of the businesses I spoke with was willing to put their personal name or business name out there supporting a different Mayoral candidate. One very prominent local businessman said, and I quote: “It is not apathy that keeps us from supporting a new Mayoral candidate, IT IS FEAR! We have to live and work in this community and we still have to get permits and file applications”. I know I am running a risk by writing this letter but I have suffered through three years of this current council and I feel someone has to speak out. We speak in coffee shops, street corners, jobsites and our homes of needing to oust this current council but are afraid to speak publicly for fear of repercussions. Sechelt is indeed in a sad state of affairs if this is the political and business atmosphere that is out there.

Val Swanson, Roberts Creek


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