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Alzheimer helpline hours extended

Alzheimer helpline hours extended

Physical distancing, self-isolation and quarantine have been a difficult transition for most British Columbians, but they have been particularly challenging for Sunshine Coast residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, their caregivers and family members. The non-profit Alzheimer Society of BC has extended its helpline hours to help them, providing support and information about dementia and memory loss. Since the pandemic began, the helpline has seen a dramatic uptake in phone calls.
People who call the helpline will be connected to the full range of services offered through the Alzheimer Society of BCs First Link® dementia support programs. These include online education workshops for every stage of the journey, caregiver tele-support groups and community resources. In addition to crucial emotional support and a listening ear, callers can also access information about living with dementia during COVID-19, including practical strategies on a variety of topics, such as behavioural and communication challenges.
“Someone might call in because they’re starting to see changes in themselves or someone close to them and want to learn more about the warning signs and how to get a diagnosis,” says Carly Gronlund, the Alzheimer Society of BCs provincial coordinator for the Dementia Helpline. “Most callers are caregivers who need to know who to call or where to turn. We guide them towards services that will help them build the skills and confidence to live well with dementia.”
The helpline is available Monday to Friday, 9am and 8pm for anyone who would like information and support on dementia, memory loss or general brain health by calling 1-800-936-6033.

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