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Applauding the mayor

Applauding the mayor

(re “Gibsons may back-pedal on bike lane issue”, the Local, Oct. 13)

I happened to be at the Gibsons budget meeting when Mr. Boel and Mr. Newman made a presentation to the Council about the grant regarding bike lanes on Shaw Rd. (It got my interest because I had lived on Shaw Rd. and cycled it every day. I rarely saw another bike and never had any problem with cars.)

The presentation stated that they had a grant for the bike routes and to get the money they needed to connect the new Inglis trail to upper Gibsons.

They came up with basically two solutions: 1. Shut down all parking on Shaw Rd. and paint bike lanes on both sides of the Rd. 2. Go west on Inglis and place a small bridge over the ravine that would join up to the Mahon trail that goes to upper Gibsons.

Mayor Rowe told Mr. Boel and Mr. Newman that he would NOT SUPPORT any proposal that would eliminate parking on Shaw Rd.

It is interesting to me that Mr. Boel and Mr. Newman’s proposal was to eliminate parking on Shaw Rd and that it was presented to Council when Mayor Rowe was not present. I applaud Mayor Rowe for revisiting this to come up with the best solution for all the taxpayers of Gibsons.

David Hayward, 


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