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Are you depressed?   Try homeopathy

Are you depressed? Try homeopathy

Some of what people experience when they are depressed is profound melancholy, anxiety, insomnia, despair, isolation, confusion, memory loss, mood swings, antisocial tendencies, lack of purpose and an inability to experience pleasure in life and relationships. Many different factors can cause a depressed state and even living with a loved one that suffers from depression can greatly effect those around them.
Depression can have a deep, debilitating effect for some and can last long term. These people usually require some kind of professional assistance to help them out of their depression.
Antidepressants are being produced, prescribed and routinely taken at an alarming rate, not only for adults, but for our youth as well. People who take antidepressants can find temporary relief from their depression, however, discontinuation of their medication can result in a return of their symptoms, in some case, stronger. The reason being, is that antidepressants suppress their symptoms rather cure them of their depression. Also, people who take antidepressants experience undesirable side effects from the medication. In extreme cases, however, discontinuing antidepressant medication can be life threatening and is not recommended unless under the guidance of the prescribing physician.
Homeopathy has been effectively treating people with depression for over 200 years with lasting and life changing results. A homeopath considers a person’s entire emotional state, underlying causes, physical symptoms and contributing stresses in their life and history. Depression can be associated with hormonal imbalances, post partum, stressful or abusive relationships, death of a loved one, injury or surgery, financial loss, major physical or terminal illnesses. By understanding a person’s depression on an individual level; the chosen homeopathic remedy will be based on their unique symptoms and situation, therefore having a deeper lasting effect of relief. Not only will there be relief from depression, but of physical symptoms as well. Homeopathic treatment of any emotional or mental condition can result in an increase in vitality, self awareness, feeling of balance and ability to cope with life effectively, freely, with purpose and with a true sense of well being.
Homeopathic remedies are natural and highly diluted so are safe for children, during pregnancy, adults and the elderly. These remedies act by stimulating an innate healing response to restore balance and have no side effects. Due to the complexities of depression, individuals considering homeopathic treatment for their own depression or their children should seek the guidance of a professionally trained homeopath and not self prescribe.
Submitted by Canteris A. Hartley, DCH, HMC

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