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Around the world – in a dugout canoe

Around the world – in a dugout canoe

Meet maritime historian and author John M. MacFarlane at an illustrated talk for “Around the World in a Dugout Canoe: The Untold Story of Captain John Voss and the Tilikum” at the Sechelt Public Library on Thursday, Nov. 14, at 3:30pm.

“Around the World in Dugout Canoe” — which MacFarlane co-authored with Lynn J. Salmon – tells the remarkable story of Captain John Voss, who set out from Victoria in 1901 to claim the world record for the smallest vessel to circumnavigate the globe. Voss’s journey spanned more than three years, and while books about the expedition were previously published by both Voss and one of his crew members, Norman Luxton, these accounts were compromised by poor memories, brazen egos and sometimes outright lies.

In “Around the World in Dugout Canoe”, MacFarlane and Salmon sift fact from fiction, critically examining the claims of Voss’s and Luxton’s manuscripts against research from libraries, archives and museums around the world to reveal the real story of a little-understood character and his dugout canoe.

This groundbreaking work also includes unpublished photographs, letters and ephemera from the voyage to tell an enduring story of courage, adventure, tragedy, and at times, sheer luck.

Admission to the illustrated talk is free, and books will be available for sale by Talewind Books.


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