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Artesia Coffeehouse final musical Perfomances

The monthly Artesia Coffeehouse will be held Friday, April 26 at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt.  is month’s line up includes singer/songwriter Kaeli McArter and her dad Fraser who have not been on this stage since 2006; jazz vocalist Jacquie Allan and Barry Taylor with electronic sound design and Bits of String with Mark Lebbell, vocals/guitar, Kaia Nielsen, vocals/bass and Ken Dalgleish, grand piano. Closing this varied vocalist evening will be a new singer to the coast, Kelly Lupini accompanied by Wayne Slingerland and friends. 

The doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. Try some lovely ‘Treats by Trish’, explore the current art show in the Doris Crowston Galley and enjoy the last musical Artesia Coffeehouse of the season. Next month the Coffeehouse partners with the Sunshine Coast Arts Council Literary committee for a night of spoken word.

Jim Dorey

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