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(Re “ Siegers’ mayoral bid draws criticism”, the Local, Oct.13)

In these astonishing days of Donald Trump’s demeaning of women, it is disturbing to read that Mayor Bruce Milne believes that Councillor Darnelda Siegers needs a mentor in her bid to replace him.  She is her own woman, as those who know her would agree, and does not need to be mentored by anyone. This is a remark that diminishes Siegers’ abilities and, in that sense, is a form of bullying.

As far as Siegers’ announcement “dividing a working Council”, as Alice Lutes says, she might want to check her NDP handbook.  It is known as healthy opposition.  What exactly this Council has been “working” at, aside from their ongoing witch hunt against the former mayor and the firing which has resulted in managerial turmoil to the tune of close to $1 million in taxpayers’ money, is highly questionable.

Thank you for showing us a light at the end of this two-year dark tunnel, Councillor Siegers, and don’t let the bullies get you down.

Laura Davis,

Roberts Creek 

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