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Attitude ‘delightful’

Attitude ‘delightful’

We were delighted to read in the May issue of the Journal of Commerce (Western Canada’s news and information publication on construction issues) that Mayor Milne is now giving the Water Resource Centre and former Mayor, John Henderson, the recognition they deserve.
Following, in quotations, are excerpts from the publication:
“A new $25 million wastewater treatment facility located in the District of Sechelt, a small community on B.C.’s mainland coast, is leading Canada in innovative technology borrowed from Europe that utilizes the root bacteria from plants, located in a greenhouse over treatment tanks, to cleanse effluent.”
” ‘We wanted to turn a wastewater treatment facility into a resource facility,’ said District of Sechelt mayor Bruce Milne, who credits the previous mayor John R. Henderson’s role in initiating and bringing forward the project that is now attracting national attention.”
“‘Eventually, there will be very little wastewater going out (to the ocean outfall pipe)’, said Milne.”
It would seem that given the unseasonably hot weather of recent weeks, the Mayor’s support of the project and his acknowledgement of the need for better utilization of the excellent reclaimed water couldn’t come at a better time.
Regrettably however, with the national recognition and awards that the Water Resource Centre has received, it is disappointing that Paul Nash, who was largely instrumental in the success of the project, was rejected by the Mayor and most of Council to be nominated for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Award (individual category).
Geoff White &
Carolyn Minchin,

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