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Author Claudia Casper reads Saturday night

Author Claudia Casper reads Saturday night

Claudia Casper achieved immediate popular success – her first novel was an international best seller – and she has enjoyed continuing critical recognition for her subsequent novels over a breadth and depth of subjects.  In “The Reconstruction” (1996), her sculptor, Margaret, creates a life-size model of the hominid, Lucy, our ancestral link with the primates, while also recreating herself after a failed marriage. “The Continuation of Love by Other Means” (2003), follows a gender and generational conflict between a fascist father and his left wing daughter culminating in Argentina during the “Dirty War.” Her “The Mercy Journals” (2006), is about a veteran of the Third World War with PTSD living in 2046.

Casper lives in Vancouver with her husband, James Griffin, founder and president of the Vancouver Film School and she is currently co-writing a screenplay of “The Reconstruction” for a 3D movie.

Claudia Casper will read at the Arts Centre in Sechelt at 8pm, Saturday April 28. Admission is by donation, courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council.  Submitted

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