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Sunshine Coast COVID-19 Physician Task Force community update #46

Dear Fellow Sunshine Coast Residents: Despite ongoing concerns about the potential for COVID-19 variants to increase infection rates again, there has been a lot of positive news in the past few weeks. Across the globe, COVID-19 infection and death rates have been dropping, and last week brought news indicating that vaccinations are already making a ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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Talk of The Town

Developing a Public Art Policy (Part 2) Public art is defined as original artwork selected, commissioned, created or donated for location in the public domain, and created by an artist. Artworks may be permanent or transitory, functional, integrated or discrete to the site. Artwork created or initiated by the community for the public realm is ... Read More »

High-speed internet

Telecommunications giant Telus, a private company, received $6.7 million in funding from the federal government to connect, by the end of the year, 2,000 households on the Sunshine Coast to high-speed internet. That is a very hefty price tag for 2,000 households to be financed thru public funding with taxpayer’s money. There is a current ... Read More »

Tree sale

(Open letter to Gibsons Mayor and Council) If you are serious about the environment and your new tree policy, I would suggest that you follow the lead of other communities and have an annual tree sale to increase the number of trees in Gibsons. Shediac in New Brunswick, for example, holds an annual tree sale ... Read More »

Free postcards

(Open letter to Minister Anand, President Ettinger-Canada Post, and Board) I am a very concerned (fifth generation) citizen of this great country, and I see more and more ways that the government, including government corporations, are driving the taxpayer deeper and deeper into debt. Have you noticed this? Another small example is Canada Post sending ... Read More »

Gross National Happiness

I found your letters to the editor and opinion page interesting last week. You had a letter pleading to spare the life of a forest – hoping to use preserving the water table for the aquifer to move people. I would like to add forest bathing, well-being, clean air, bird song, mushrooms, insects, frogs, squirrels, ... Read More »

Coopers Green renovation makes SCRDs draft budget

Continued planning for the estimated $3 million Coopers Green Hall renovation was endorsed by the SCRD board at its March 5 round two 2021 budget meeting. While a commitment to proceed remains outstanding, the board voted to include just over $528,000 in project funding from the Regional District’s budget as a “placeholder.” The finalized regional ... Read More »

BC Ferries launches new fare options

BC Ferries announced the launch of new fare options last week on the three Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes. These new fares will benefit customers travelling for essential purposes only, and once it’s safe to resume non-essential travel, all customers will be able to take advantage of more fare choices. In addition to BC ... Read More »

SPCA Spring Lottery

The BC SPCA Lottery for animals in need is back and bigger than ever. Buying a lottery ticket will help BC’s abused, neglected and injured animals and could potentially put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket! “With 31 cash prizes totalling $125,000 to be won, plus a bonus 50/50 pot up to $500,000, there ... Read More »

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