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Balancing airport uses

I had an especially great weekend earlier in August. On August 8 and 9, I participated in my all-electric Tesla Roadster, along with several other electric vehicles, in the Rod Run and Show N Shine. What a great event for Sechelt! On August 10, Councillor Randy Joe of the Sechelt Indian Band and I were ... Read More »

pro-voc-a-talks coming

The CCBA and Building the Coast magazine are honoured to host keynote speaker and entrepreneur, Chief Clarence Louie, who brings his inspirational story to the Sunshine Coast at an event that you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 12 at Rockwood Centre in Sechelt. Clarence Louie is the Osoyoos Indian Band ... Read More »

Tax revenue not worth disruption

In response to John Weston’s Editorial Opinion August 14, I reply that I don’t know exactly how to respond. I do know that I must ask why the Conservative Government refuses to use plain common sense in this matter. Surely anyone can see that the proposal to ship dangerous cargo between narrow passages and small islands ... Read More »

Math skills compared

While recently traveling in scenic New Zealand I met a friendly, interesting Russian couple from Moscow. The young man said he works as a communication computer programmer, and wife told me she’s employed in Moscow working on a math program for U.S. Schools. American students will be using Russian mathematics systems of teaching mathematics. Why? ... Read More »

Council pans MM expansion

I would like to think that our present mayor and council have conducted “Due Diligence” regarding the applications to establish Marihuana Grow Operations in Sechelt. It can’t possibly be enough knowledge of this “Industry” by merely having a vocal member of council as a director of one of the companies (Cannabis Ventures Inc.) applying for ... Read More »

Harbour hotel

The waterfront’s a rustic mess, With some exceptions, more or less. Taxes low and prices cheap, Bling and glamour, not too deep. Hotel is rising in mind’s eye, Brave developer, pie in sky. Economics are debated, In some quarters highly rated. Others say no one will come, The whole idea’s kind of dumb. Benefits and ... Read More »

Editorial feels hypocritical

I was taken aback by the “editorial” written by MP John Weston. Set aside the issues of LNG and local decision- making, what astounded me was the hypocrisy. I find it difficult to believe that a member of this Conservative government would state “industrial projects should be evaluated one by one, based on facts and ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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Coast Watch Garry Nohr

August is the month that directors and staff catch up on letters and e-mails from constituents and read research materials to upgrade their knowledge on current SCRD issues. Meanwhile directors will try to attend as many exciting activities as possible on the Coast—for example, the writers’ festival—as well as such official events as the public ... Read More »

Solar panels needed for treatment plant – LEEDS gold rating

The District of Sechelt heard on August 13 that it should fork over another $100,000 on top of the 20 million it has already budgeted for the new sewage treatment plant at Surf Circle, in order to purchase alternative power kits. Sechelt Council voted unanimously to buy solar panels to stem rising Hydro costs for ... Read More »

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