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Covid Cases February 7-13 2021

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Sunshine Coast COVID-19 Physician Task Force community update #45

Dear Fellow Sunshine Coast Residents: We are encouraged by the recent drop in COVID-19 numbers here on the Sunshine Coast. While positive cases are still being detected, we are currently seeing less than one positive case per day over the past week, which is great progress! We wouldn’t be here without everyone’s dedication and sacrifice, ... Read More »

2021 SCRD tax increases

A Feb. 11 SCRD press release cited proposed 2021 property tax rate increases as high as 26 percent over 2020 levels. At a meeting that same day, its board started whittling away at previous decisions in efforts to bring those numbers down. The proposed tax changes were calculated on recommendations made during the first round ... Read More »

Sechelt 2021 budget debate

Sparse public discussion on Sechelt’s 2021 budget has occurred at review opportunities hosted to date. At the Feb. 10 committee meeting, Communications Manager Julie Rogers called arts and culture “the most important function that the district provides to our citizens.” Despite this, no questions or kudos about the planned operations in that area came forward. ... Read More »

SCRD tipping fees to rise

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) board will give final consideration to adopting a new tipping fee schedule at the Sechelt Landfill and Pender Harbour Transfer Station that will see both commercial and residential customers paying more starting Feb. 26. “The changes in tipping fees are required in order to cover the ever-increasing costs of ... Read More »

Mayors Message

It is budget season in local government. By law, we must pass our 2021 budget by mid-May, so we have laid out a schedule of meetings between now and then to wrestle with providing the level of service you want, doing the mandatory things we have to do, reviewing those extra things that would be ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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A ways to go

I would like to comment on the improving quality of your paper. I think Connie Jordison is doing a fine job and improving monthly. I also believe that you are allowing more diversity of opinion but still have a ways to go. David Suzuki is becoming tiresome. His diatribes are repetitive and lack credence. He ... Read More »

Stump to dump

Our organization (ELF) has concerns regarding a planned Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) operation in a sensitive forest ecosystem. SCCF will be requesting tenders for ‘stump to dump’ roadbuilding and logging in the Halfmoon Bay area in the coming months. There’s been no public process allowing input into the planning of two cutblocks , which ... Read More »


Sechelt Hospital’s COVID-19 visitor restrictions are inhumane. Imagine an elderly patient with ongoing health challenges in the hospital indefinitely. His wife of more than 50 years, now living alone, can only visit her husband once a week for a mere half-hour. She has to wear a mask, not touch her husband, and stay six feet ... Read More »

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