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Sunshine Coast COVID-19 Physician Task Force community update #41

Dear Fellow Sunshine Coast Residents: As we prepare for a holiday season unlike any we have seen in our lifetime, we want to thank all of you who have been doing your part to help prevent COVID-19 transmission in our community. This has been an incredibly challenging year in so many ways for all of ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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(Re: “Trumpies,” Letters, the Local, Dec. 17) The letter by Elizabeth McNeil of Sechelt, where she wonders, “…how so many people can fall for this” (referring to the recent election in the USA that saw so many voting for Trump), spurred me also to wonder how this could have happened. So, I put my mind ... Read More »

God must be saying Argh!

(Re: “Argh!” Letters, the Local, Dec. 17) First, let me identify myself. I am a Christian who has worked for MSF (Medecins Sans Frontier/ Doctors Without Borders), the Red Cross and other NGOs for 10 years. So, I am not pointing a finger at any religion or person of faith. I follow what Bishop Spong ... Read More »

A slippery slope

(Re: “COVID misinformation,” Letters, the Local, Dec. 10) It was with some alarm that I read Michael Maser’s letter. It’s one thing to gently eavesdrop on fellow coffee drinkers but very nasty when declaring their alternative points of view as “vile theories,” and chatting in a coffee shop is hardly public broadcasting. He also snitched ... Read More »

Please respect our local businesses

Local businesses are mandated to comply with the BC Public Health Officer’s orders that are in place to keep us safe when interacting with others in the community. This applies to all businesses and residences, regardless of the circumstance – retail stores, restaurants, business services, public meetings, and private family and/or friend gatherings. The BC ... Read More »

Double tree standard

It seems that the Town of Gibsons doesn’t think that their tree bylaw means anything. Once again, it’s a bylaw that they will enforce but not follow. The Town has cut down all the beautiful boulevard trees around the geothermal pump house and the tennis courts in the Parkland subdivision. David Hayward, Gibsons Read More »

Marine errors

I wish to point out two glaring marine errors in the Dec.17 issue of the Local. First, the picture of the MV Langdale Queen is shown proceeding forward, as indicated by its wake, not in the aft direction as reported. And secondly, the article about the Persephone reports it as a “wooden vessel,” but it ... Read More »

Reflections from an elder in isolation

As an older male, I’m in the population facing the highest risk from COVID-19, but my reflections on this pandemic go beyond my own life and death. Difficult as it is now, this pandemic will subside, and we’ll be able to think about how to move forward. This is a challenge for all people. I’ve ... Read More »

Community garden proposed for Gibsons

An area near the rear of the Gibsons Tim Hortons restaurant is poised to be redeveloped into a community garden. A proposal by Summerhill Fine Homes and Salish Soils to install a garden received a recommendation at the Town’s Dec. 15 committee of the whole meeting. The recommendation requires council endorsement and is slated to ... Read More »

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