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Standing at our posts

Many traditions and events usually fill the calendar this time of year. For members of RCMSAR 12, this often means a crew Christmas party, sail-past in Porpoise Bay, the New Year’s Day Polar Swim in Davis Bay, and the Elves’ Club Crash the Coast fundraiser. While some events have been cancelled or moved online, it ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week:   Merry Christmas! I hope you were able to enjoy the spectacle of Jupiter and Saturn, dubbed the ‘Christmas Star’ in exact conjunction on December 21st, an event that only occurs about every 800 years! Such wondrous moments aside, more importantly, a new era has officially begun. Based on the conjunctions of ... Read More »

The Forest and the Trees

Gibsons’ animator Choom Lam is having her animated short film “The Forest and the Trees” debut at the 15th Annual Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival this holiday season. The film presents the story of a determined mushroom conquering tumultuous emotions while on a challenging journey. Lam is an animator, illustrator and graphic designer whose ... Read More »

Top-selling Christmas gifts from years past

Many children who grew up in the 1980s hoped to find a wrapped Cabbage Patch Doll under the tree on Christmas morning, and many parents went to great lengths to procure such dolls for their children. Cabbage Patch Dolls are just one example of a toy creating a shopping frenzy. Over the years, many toys ... Read More »

Candy Canes

A boy looking at candy canes in a store window on a promotional Christmas card from the early 1900s. The origins of the candy cane are believed to be German. Around 1670, it is said that the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral handed out sugar sticks to keep the children in the choir quiet during ... Read More »

Christmas Kiss

This winter solstice, the planets Jupiter and Saturn will align low in the western sky in what is being called a Christmas Kiss. On Dec. 21, the planets will appear closer to one another and brighter than they have in 800 years. The event is known as the Great Conjunction of 2020. The last great ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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STRs dominate zoning bylaw discussions

Sechelt’s recent steps to revamp its 35-year-old zoning rules show public concern highest around regulation of short-term rentals (STRs). At a Dec. 10 online discussion forum, most of the questions asked were about STRs. This was despite four other subject areas related to land use and zoning that District staff were seeking input on. Session ... Read More »

Arrival of COVID-19 vaccinations in BC

The first delivery of approximately 4,000 doses of the first approved COVID-19 vaccine arrived in the province on Monday. Preparation is underway to immunize the first British Columbians in the coming days. These initial vaccine doses will be administered to Lower Mainland health-care workers who work in long-term care homes and front-line health-care workers essential ... Read More »

Applications for $1,000 BC Recovery Benefit will begin soon

Starting Dec. 18, most British Columbians will get a lift with the launch of the BC Recovery Benefit, enabling many families and individuals to receive the benefit by the end of the year. “We know that making ends meet during the holiday season is a concern for many families, even without the added stress of ... Read More »

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