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As an American/Canadian, I look south of the border and see how Donald Trump so easily manipulates people through hate and lies and continues to do it through his meanness and fear while denying any culpability. We wonder how so many people can fall for this. Something that was said must convince them it’s true. ... Read More »

Bad faith decision

(Letter to SCRD board members) We were certainly dismayed to hear of the SCRD’s recent decision to revisit the Coopers Green Park Hall project. Several years of diligent work, including public consultation, have led to an agreement between the SCRD and the Halfmoon Bay Community Association for the replacement of the existing hall. Why are ... Read More »

No to airport expansion

The airport expansion is an unnecessary expense in these times of tight budgets. I understand that some of the money is coming from grants, but that is still public money being spent, no matter the source. Supporting the growth of flight capabilities in this area is retrograde in terms of environmental actions and policies. We ... Read More »


(Re: “Weekly Cartoon,” the Local, Dec. 10) ARGH! is my comment on the weekly cartoon. This cartoonist needs some imagination. Every week it’s a politically correct comment about COVID that long ago became tedious. This week’s added an anti-Christian sentiment that I find offensive. Are churches now the bad guys of this pandemic? The churches ... Read More »

Offensive cartoon

(Re: “Weekly Cartoon,” the Local, Dec. 10) Your editorial cartoon of last week was several things, but funny, inoffensive and sensitive it was not. I presume you are using the words ‘in mass’ as a play on the phrase ‘en masse.’ Hmm. Witty. The lack of understanding and sensitivity to Christianity or religion, in general, ... Read More »

How dangerous is it?

(Re: “COVID misinformation,” Letters, the Local, Dec. 10) Mr. Maser bristles at those who challenge COVID-19 lockdown measures. Most Coasters are likewise irritated by fellow citizens who balk at directives from health authorities. Lots of media coverage about that. But what of the anger and frustration and sleepless nights and censorship and social marginalization of ... Read More »

Time to address environmental racism

In Canada, we’re quick to favourably compare ourselves to our southern neighbours. COVID-19 caseloads may be at an all-time high here, but the US situation is even more dire. Canada hasn’t managed to curb carbon emissions, but the US abandoned emission reduction targets when it pulled out of the Paris Agreement. We may take comfort ... Read More »

Extension request on Madeira Park renaming

The SCRD board requested an additional extension to the end of 2021 to comment on the name change for Madeira Park to salalus. At its Dec. 10 meeting, board members agreed to ask the province for time to host in-person discussions once concerns related to COVID-19 have passed and physical public gatherings can be safely ... Read More »

2021 AAP for Sechelt’s ops centre loan

Details on an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) for Sechelt to borrow up to $3 million to construct a Parks and Public Works Operations Centre are slated for consideration at this week’s council meeting. Staff estimate that if undertaken, repayment of the borrowing would mean a property tax increase of $31.29 per year for a “typical” ... Read More »

Community support for “Building Together” project

Over 40 members of the public attended Sechelt’s Dec. 8 online public hearing to submit and hear comments on Sunshine Coast Community Services Society’s (SCCSS) proposal to redevelop its Inlet Avenue property. Only four individuals outside of SCCSS representatives spoke at the event. All expressed support for reworking the site to construct a building that ... Read More »

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