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Our House of Clans breaks ground

In late 2018, tsain-ko Properties applied for and was awarded $6.8 million from the BC Indigenous Housing Fund to address the need for affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast. Plans began in January 2019 for a multi-purpose building that would take a unique approach to social responsibility and reconciliation. Beginning with the name itself, the ... Read More »

Fire safety for the holiday season

Signs of the holiday season are everywhere, as lights are strung on people’s homes and decorated trees stand in front windows. But hidden underneath the sparkle is the fire risk that can accompany seasonal trimmings and celebrations. The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) asks everyone to be fire safe in their homes this year. ... Read More »

Sunshine Coast COVID Physician Task Force Community Update #40

December 11, 2020 Dear Fellow Sunshine Coast Residents: We had not planned to release another Community Update for a few more weeks, but we are very concerned by the local case numbers that were just released by the BCCDC , and by the preliminary numbers from the last few days. From November 29th through December ... Read More »

Baby Sophia stole the show

Sophia Boxall-Reimer, the first baby born this year at Sechelt Hospital, won over viewers’ hearts as her mom Katrina Reimer helped her flip the switch and turn on the lights for the giant Holiday Hearts display during an online ceremony on Dec. 1. “We had a great experience at Sechelt Hospital’s maternity department, and we’re ... Read More »

They hit water!

As part of the groundwater investigation project, the SCRD are currently drilling at several locations on the Coast. On Dec. 2, a test well at Gray Creek hit an unconfined aquifer (an aquifer whose upper water surface or water table is able to rise and fall). More testing will take place in the coming weeks ... Read More »

Helping Harry

In 2018, retired anesthesiologist Brian Lucas returned to the Sunshine Coast from Uganda, where he’d been teaching medicine. While there, Brian met 13-year-old Harry Andinda of Kabale, who expressed an interest in astronomy. Brian being a member of the Sunshine Coast Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, reached out to fellow member Charles ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

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SCRD drops some proposed fee hikes

Pender Harbour and Halfmoon Bay area directors held the line on wastewater service parcel fees for three systems as the board set 2021 sewer rates for rural area customers on Dec. 3. Those connected to Lily Lake and the Lee and Square Bay systems will see their parcel fees remain at 2020 levels. For the ... Read More »

Clarification of Sechelt staffing numbers

Sechelt Communications Manager Julie Rogers contacted The Local (after press time for our Dec. 3 issue) to clarify District staffing levels. Sechelt has 68 employees (as reported), with two being part-timers and six employed on a casual basis. Casuals are used to fill in for regular employees when they are away and help out during ... Read More »

Rediscovering the fundamentals

The second wave of COVID-19 is hitting hard. Over the next few months, governments will remain focused on addressing the largest public health emergency in recent memory. But to avoid past mistakes and seize this unique opportunity to build a more resilient, sustainable world, it’s also time to lay the groundwork for a green and ... Read More »

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