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Easy ways to keep your immune system strong

The immune system is a powerful component of the human body. The immune system recognizes when viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders enter or compromise the body, and then takes action to prevent illnesses from taking over. The average person can help his or her immune system do its job more effectively by making the ... Read More »

Salt Spring Island company approved to ship via drone

Just like shipping parcels via plane or vehicle, there is now the capability to ship via drone. A first in Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has approved InDro Robotics Inc. to operate a domestic air service, using drones for the carriage of cargo. “This permission until now has only ever been issued to airlines ... Read More »

Watch for deer – Rutting season is here

Drivers are advised to be watchful of deer, elk and moose while travelling along roads and highways throughout BC, as rutting season increases these animals’ activity. Rutting season is the annual mating time for deer, elk and moose. It occurs from late October to December, with the most activity seen in mid-November. During the rut, ... Read More »

What’s Happening November 19-22

Thursday, November 19 Serendipity Christmas Craft Fair, featuring local artisans and crafters, (online to Dec. 13), SEWN’S Holiday Gift Guide: a virtual shop local event, 6-7:30pm, for info and registration go to One Straw Society AGM (online): updates and elections, 6:30pm, attend on Zoom at (Meeting ID: 852 6706 0346 / Password: straw) ... Read More »

Time to review 2021 budget

“The District should…” Have you ever said that? Yes, it is that time of year again. We are heading into conversations about the 2021 budget, so now is a good time to review what we have, what we do and what we want. On behalf of the community in 2020, the District donated $120,000 to ... Read More »

Real Estate board recommends that realtors refrain from holding open houses

With concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (of which the Sunshine Coast is part) strongly recommends that realtors refrain from holding open houses. They are making this recommendation after consulting with the broker community and assessing the latest information and commentary from public health and other government authorities. ... Read More »

Library programming has primarily moved online

Recently I read an anonymous quote about this year that resonated with me: “2020 is not the year to get everything you want; it is the year to appreciate everything you have.” While we continue to face a spectrum of individual and community challenges from the pandemic, I find these words helpful. At the library, ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week: The Scorpio New Moon that occurred on Nov. 14-15, depending on your location, comes to its first-quarter this weekend. This translates to reveal a waxing half-moon. Woven within its folds is a situation of fixed perceptions and attitudes due to a stressful aspect between Mercury and Uranus. Meanwhile, Mars in Aries ... Read More »

Gibsons Pool Reopening Advances

As of Nov 12, the SCRD is employing an accelerated option to restart operations at Gibsons Pool. While that will see swimmers allowed back “as soon as possible”, staff said it could take up to eight weeks to re-open the facility which closed in mid March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The SCRD Board also ... Read More »

Halfmoon Bay Store Development Permit Delayed

The SCRD delayed its review of the re-development application for the Halfmoon Bay General Store property. This was done at the Nov 12 SCRD Planning and Community Development committee meeting to allow more public input and to ensure the proponents are aware of those discussions. The development permit application review was deferred to the committee’s ... Read More »

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