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Perception vs Truth

(Re: “Peddling disinformation,” letters, the Local, Sept. 24) Some dis(information) needs to be corrected. Linda writes, “In the US, where restrictions have been present but lax, the death rate has reached 2.97 percent. At that rate, BC alone would expect to lose about 100,000 loved ones.” The percentage of US COVID-19 deaths so far based ... Read More »

Context is essential

(Re: “Peddling disinformation,” letters, the Local, Sept. 24) I would like to suggest Linda Wilson re-do her calculations. The claim of a death rate of 2.97 percent leading to 100,000 deaths in BC, is inaccurate. Firstly, the 2.97 percent rate refers to the death rate among people who have cases, not of the population as ... Read More »

Thank you

(Re: “Peddling disinformation,” letters, the Local, Sept. 24) Thank you, Linda Wilson, for calling out Susan Fletcher and her disinformation. Those of us who have lived on the Coast for many years know to expect Susan’s annual letter advising against vaccines. She was an early advocate of a debunked British doctor who linked autism to ... Read More »

A Call for Fairness

(Re: “Elphinstone in the top 50 of BC schools,” the Local, Sept.10) Let’s call the Fraser Institute’s ranking of BC Public schools what it is: rubbish. That one test could meaningfully rank the quality of one school against another is poor science at best. Quality public education should not be a matter of debate, nor ... Read More »

All sides

(Re: “Peddling disinformation,” letters, the Local, Sept. 24) A letter writer wants the Local to flag “disinformation” about the COVID bug. Maybe, the editor should save the red flares for letters that claim to speak the one true truth. Has there ever been an issue less scientifically resolved than COVID-19? Has public policy ever been ... Read More »

Kim Darwin running for BC Greens

Local business leader Kim Darwin is running with the BC Greens to be the next MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast. “For the past three years the BC Greens have shown a real commitment to doing politics differently. I remain committed to this approach. By calling this unnecessary pandemic election John Horgan has sent a clear ... Read More »

BC is voting by mail in record numbers

Since the provincial election was called a week ago, over 400,000 British Columbians have already registered for mail-in-ballots. No one needs a special reason to vote by mail – all voters can vote by mail. And according to Elections BC, between 35 to 40 percent of those surveyed indicated they would during the pandemic. As ... Read More »

Free course for families struggling with mental illness

Are you supporting a family member or friend who is struggling with mental illness? The challenges families face when a loved one has a mental illness can be overwhelming. Imagine what it is like to have a family member who is actively psychotic, paranoid, or so deeply depressed that they can’t get out of bed. ... Read More »

Orchids, dandelions and social isolation

Smiling helps reduce our body’s response during brief periods of stress, regardless of whether we actually feel happy or not. All of our facial expressions are contagious. In part, how we handle feeling isolated depends on our personality. In her book Quiet, author Susan Cain explains “the orchid hypothesis.” Many children are like dandelions, able ... Read More »

Door opening a crack

When one door closes, it seems that others open. More and more doors are starting to open in the universe of SOBC-SC – just a crack… Swimming has been given the go-ahead for a small group to take part in one of three pilot programs in the whole of BC. The six-week program will start ... Read More »

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