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AAP for Sechelt water meters on horizon

At its March 18 meeting, the SCRD board gave three readings to a bylaw to authorize taking a loan of up to $7.25 million to pay for Phase Three of its water metering project. As the borrowing is proposed to be repaid over 15 years, an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to gain elector approval is ... Read More »

Great blue heron!

(Re: “Blue herons identified as significant juvenile salmon predator,” article, the Local, March 11) If the point of the new UBC study is to identify predators of juvenile salmon, shouldn’t we take into account the sea lice generated by the salmon farms? Well-established science shows that sea lice from fish farms kill out-migrating juvenile salmon. ... Read More »

Public support of art

(Re: Talk of the Town, column, the Local, March 11) What a breath of fresh air from the Gibsons mayor and the public art committee. Both privately and professionally, I have spent a lifetime advocating for creative artists. I, too, believe that visual, literary and performance arts should be paid for, just like sidewalks and ... Read More »

Dangerous message

(Re: Weekly Cartoon, editorial, the Local, March 11) The implication in the Weekly Cartoon appearing in last week’s newspaper is offensive and conveys a potentially dangerous message. Men do not need to be eunuchs to abstain from sexual harassment or sexual assault. What on Earth were you thinking? Al Erlenbusch, Sechelt Read More »

No humour

(Re: Weekly Cartoon, editorial, the Local, March 11) I am quite disturbed by your recent cartoon stating that the department of defence is only hiring eunuchs. There is no humour in implying that the only men who can be trusted not to sexually harass their subordinates are those who have been castrated, that real men ... Read More »

Trans Mountain Pipeline

I would like to see local coverage of the Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline as it is and will be affecting us all. There is some talk that the Federal Government may try to sell the pipeline to Indigenous groups. I think people need to see coverage of this; they need to be informed. Sally AJ ... Read More »

Vaccine rollout

It defies belief that for a full year, Health Minister Adrian Dix did nothing to assure that the people of British Columbia would have an efficient, reliable vaccination booking system. Instead, he left it to individual health authorities to devise their own systems, with catastrophic results. That only one of the five regional health agencies ... Read More »

A plea for seniors

For many 70+ seniors in British Columbia, it was a heavy blow when the four-month delay in their vaccine dose completions was announced. After a year of sheltering in their homes, missing their children and grandchildren, their friends and colleagues, abandoning travel plans and other retirement pleasures, they looked forward to being fully vaccinated under ... Read More »

Weekly Cartoon

Read More »

Mayor’s Message

Some of what I do as mayor you read about in the paper or watch on our District of Sechelt YouTube channel. At the council table, we have been working on the 2021 budget and five-year financial plan and several major initiatives. As your mayor, I would like to tell you about some of the ... Read More »

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