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Sixth Annual Wood Expo

Carver Derek Georgeson and cedar weaver Shy Watters at the sixth annual Wood Expo. The event was sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest and held at Rockwood Lodge on Sept. 19. Although there were fewer exhibitors at this years’ event, stunning works including carvings, timber pavilions, canoes and electronically etched wood were on display ... Read More »

Clubs can now apply for sport funding

Community-based sports groups facing the risk of closing are encouraged to apply for support from the Province’s $1.5-million Local Sport Relief Fund. Many local sport organizations are facing extreme financial pressure and risk of insolvency due to the absence of registration fees, event revenues and sponsorships. People in the sport community have felt the effects ... Read More »

BC firefighters step up to help south of the border

More than 200 BC firefighters and related personnel are heading to the US to help battle extreme fire activity in Oregon. “Over 800 BC Wildfire Service personnel volunteered to go into someone else’s community and to someone else’s fire to do what they can to make sure people are safe,” said Premier John Horgan. “That ... Read More »

The federal government will stay focused on keeping Canadians safe

As fall approaches, we all have a lot on our minds as we adapt to living and working during the pandemic. The federal government will stay focused on keeping Canadians safe, supporting our most vulnerable, and working with the private sector to ensure that our economy and our country comes out of this pandemic stronger ... Read More »

Tips to increase value of your home

I expect the Sunshine Coast market to start slowing down over the next few weeks and, if there is another shut down due to COVID-19 over the winter, the 2021 spring market could be busier than we have ever seen. Summer may have only just turned to fall, but if you’re considering putting your property ... Read More »

Like humans, dogs can also feel stressed

Many of us share our lives and households with dogs, and we see and meet dogs often when out in public. Dogs are very social animals, and generally, the relationship between people and dogs is a friendly one. Dogs have a ritualized system to communicate how they are feeling, and many people are familiar with ... Read More »

Investment in the social-emotional well being of our students, staff and families

During this pandemic, both Provincial and Federal governments have freed up funds to support education, allocating dollars for everything from ‘hardware’ – sanitizing supplies, ventilation system upgrades, PPE’s, to ‘software’ – parenting courses, mental health webinars, and virtual counselling. In the past six months, there has been an increased awareness of the need for investment ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope

Tip of the Week:   Autumn Equinox occurred on September 22nd, in context to the waxing Virgo New Moonseed, initiating Libra time, the sign of balance, fairness, justice, and equality. Libra balance also refers to brain hemispheres, which when optimally balanced manifests as higher creative thinking. Currently, most people lean to the linear logic and rationalization ... Read More »

Quick Adoption for Tree Bylaw

A special Gibsons council meeting on Sept. 18 saw the adoption of a Tree Preservation Bylaw two days after approval of third reading of the new regulations. Mayor Bill Beamish advised the public of council’s intention to have the special meeting to enact the bylaw at its regular gathering on Sept. 15, when third reading ... Read More »

Boulevard Battle

The fate of vehicle traffic and parking along Sechelt’s Trail Bay Boulevard is up for debate again. At its Sept 16 meeting, Council authorized an application to a federal/provincial infrastructure grant for seventy-three percent of up to $600,500 in upgrades on the waterfront between Shorncliffe and Trail Avenues. Council did not finalize whether vehicle traffic ... Read More »

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