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Future policing costs may impact Gibsons 2021 taxes

“If we don’t do it this year, next year, it is going to be even worse.” That was Gibsons Councillor Stafford Lumley’s comment on starting a Town reserve for what could be $1 million in additional annual costs for municipal policing as early as 2023. Discussion on approaches to addressing those potential costs were part ... Read More »

Additional staff for Gibsons town hall debated

The addition of one new position in Gibsons Corporate Services department being proposed in the Towns 2021 budget was endorsed at the committee level on March 9. If approved in the final budget, hiring is not anticipated until August. The tax impact this year would be about $37,000. As of 2022, the full-time position is ... Read More »

Webster court appearance rescheduled

Kevin Christopher Webster’s next appearance on a charge of second-degree murder has been booked for April 7 in Sechelt Provincial Court chambers. On March 10, the matter was put over to the new date. Webster’s March 10 appearance was delayed by about an hour due to operational complications with establishing a video conference link between ... Read More »

Housing group eyes grants intended for Sechelt and beyond

Sechelt’s Housing Advisory Committee discussed the use of funds available to that municipality as well as other Coast jurisdictions at its March 11 meeting. Mayor Darnelda Siegers, who was acting chair for the meeting, advised the five other committee members in attendance that Coast local governments were eligible for a total of $1.3 million in ... Read More »

RCMP Report

Youth mischief On March 15 at around 4am, three youths were witnessed attempting to kick open a window at a business in the 1000 block of Gibsons Way, Gibsons, before being scared off by a passerby. The suspects, which included a female who appeared to be recording the group, appear to be involved in a ... Read More »

Allergies or COVID-19?

As winter gives way to spring, nature does not give any signs in relation to what the people of the world are going through. As trees and flowers bloom, just like they do every spring, the people accustomed to witnessing the awe-inspiring transformation on display each spring are experiencing a transformation of their own. Social ... Read More »

The flood resilience challenge

In an effort to build awareness and understanding of the risks posed by sea-level rise, Sechelt is the first community to host an interactive online session of the Flood Resilience Challenge game. People interested in taking part need to register using the link provided on On March 18 at 6:30pm, there will be an ... Read More »

Renovation regrets for BC homeowners

A new BC Hydro report finds while COVID-19 caused home renovations to spike, about 20 percent of BC homeowners regret their choices because they focussed on aesthetics instead of increasing their home’s value. The report titled ‘Room for improvement: Why British Columbians are experiencing renovation regret after making home upgrades’ finds over half of BC ... Read More »

Renovation trends for the year ahead

Home renovation trends are ever-changing. Renovations that might have been de rigueur 20 years ago may seem dated now. Recognizing the potentially popular trends of tomorrow is a great way for homeowners to give their homes a fresh new look and put themselves in position to capitalize on popular trends when they put their homes ... Read More »

How to address moss in the lawn

Lawn care can be a labour of love. Maintaining a pristine lawn is no small task, but it’s one that many homeowners proudly take on, knowing that all the hard work and time spent outside on sunny summer afternoons is well worth the sweat equity. After putting in so much effort to create a lush, ... Read More »

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