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Who are the bullies?

Recent letters that try to link Sechelt mayoral candidate Milne to bumper stickers that he has nothing to do with and then claim that this somehow means that he is bullying them is more than a little disingenuous. By publicly making these false accusations are they not bullying themselves? On the other hand politicians who ... Read More »

Vote-splitting charge disrespectful

While I was in downtown Sechelt today a pick-up truck passed me with a large sign for mayoral candidate Bruce Milne that said, “don’t split the vote – a vote for Younghusband is a vote for Henderson”. I was dumbfounded by the arrogance shown by this statement. In the first place, a vote for Ms. ... Read More »

The problem with Sunshine Coast statistics

The Sunshine Coast Credit Union brought in a leading economist last week to look at the future of the coast’s business environment, and he said the job has been made harder by changes to the national census. Helmut Pastrick, Chief Economist at Central 1 Credit Union in Vancouver, said many statistics have to be used ... Read More »

Habitat’s new recycling habitat

Habitat for Humanity wants you know that their depot for collecting refundable cans and bottles is now located at Salish Soils on Black Bear Road in Sechelt. The depot is an important source of funds, used by volunteers to build homes for deserving families. Last year, the refunds added up to $47,000. But the income ... Read More »

Celebrating the salmon

The Sechelt Indian Band invited everyone last Saturday to share the salmon harvest and, at times, it seemed that everyone HAD turned up. A crowd of close to 500 people came out in the rain for a salmon feast at the band offices. The band called it a “salmon festival” and it lived up to ... Read More »

Gibsons all-candidates meeting televised

An all-candidates meeting will be held Thursday, Oct. 30 at the Gibsons Recreation Centre on Park Rd. at 7pm. Because the event is being broadcast live by Coast Cable, it will start at exactly 7pm and will end at exactly 9 pm.  The doors will open at 6:30pm. Sponsored by the Gibson’s Chamber of Commerce, ... Read More »

Winter driving: fuel up and slow down

With winter now on the horizon once again, many motorists are looking for ways to ensure their daily commutes or holiday trips to visit family and friends are as safe as possible. Avoiding roadways altogether is not always an option, so motorists who simply must venture out onto the roadways this winter can employ the ... Read More »

Opening of church annex, cold weather shelter

St. Hilda’s Anglican Church is inviting the community to celebrate the Grand Opening of our New Annex on Thursday November 6, 2014 at 12:30 pm. The Annex is a multi-purpose space for church and community programs. It houses the Church Sunday School throughout the year and serves as the Sunshine Coast Cold Weather Shelter between ... Read More »

Gifts for the folks with everything

With lifetimes of experiences and seemingly everything they could ever want or need in life already at their disposal, seniors can be difficult to shop for come the holiday season. Many even insist that their family members save their money and not buy them anything for the holidays. But if the thought of Grandma or ... Read More »

Take Five to Prevent Falls

As the Canadian population ages, injury and death from falls are on the rise. This National Senior Safety Week, November 6 to 12, the Canada Safety Council challenges all Canadians to commit to “take five to prevent falls.” An estimated 20 to 30 per cent of seniors over 65 will suffer a fall this year. ... Read More »

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