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How senior donors can avoid scams

Con artists masquerading as charities can victimize anyone, but seniors are especially vulnerable to such criminals. Men and women who perpetrate charitable fraud often target older men and women, feeling that seniors are more likely to have a significant amount of money in their bank accounts and less likely to report crimes for fear of ... Read More »

“Liquid projection” light show and dance

This Halloween Vancouver jammers Walk-On Dead visit the Robert’s Creek Hall, co-billed with Squamish rockers the Will Ross Band , for the grooviest event of 2014. Audiences can expect Grateful-Dead-style sonic psychedelia from Walk-On Dead, plus hi-energy originals/covers from Will Ross, the tireless 22-yr old front-man with the killer voice who’s quickly making a name for ... Read More »

Why the museum staff get scared on Halloween

I have worked at the Sunshine Coast Museum now for many years, and this is the time of the year that I fear the most. Every Halloween, spooky things start happening around the museum…strange noises from the archives, mysterious figures lurking in the twilight hours. And the haunted doll collection…every time I close the museum ... Read More »

Preparing for winter: how efficient is your wood stove?

More than a quarter million homeowners in British Columbia get some or all of their space heat from wood stoves. While most use it for supplementary heat, as part of an effective zone heating system or to combat power outages, many others use it as their primary source of heating. Wisely managed, B.C.’s supply of ... Read More »

Looking for medical advice

British Columbians enjoy high standards of health care, including the longest life expectancy and the lowest rates of obesity, smoking, and infant mortality in Canada. Maintaining a strong health care system which meets the needs of all citizens is a priority for all British Columbians. Health care is the single largest area of provincial spending, ... Read More »

Something for everyone on the crawl

The whole is sometimes greater than the sum of its parts. And that is definitely the case with last weekend’s Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. Artists of all descriptions opened their studio spaces and displayed their work in 141 separate venues, located — alliteratively — from Langdale to Lund. From paintings to photography to sculpture and ... Read More »

Painting the town: vinyl art arrives in Sechelt

Three new artworks have arrived in Sechelt in the form of colourful vinyl wraps. Created to increase the attractiveness of the streetscape, these artistic wraps were installed on the exterior surface of various pieces of urban infrastructure. The first is a vibrant marine-themed artwork on the large metal traffic signal box at Acacia Park (5499 ... Read More »

Acclaimed Photographer on the Coast

Taylor Lockwood is an internationally acclaimed nature photographer specializing in beautiful and exotic mushrooms and other fungi from around the world. He will be the featured speaker at the 6th annual Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival: Friday, October 17, 7 pm at the Roberts Creek Hall, and Saturday, October 18, 5 pm at the Sunshine Coast ... Read More »

Fast charging station is here

With assistance from the Government of Canada, Province of British Columbia and British Columbia Hydro and Power Corporation, Sechelt opened the first public Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Station for Electric Vehicles (EV) on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast. Access to public DCFC stations makes travelling between communities using an EV easier. These stations require only 20 ... Read More »

Coast Watch

The election campaigns are now in full swing for those either seeking re-election or new to the process. It is noticeable that some local officials have decided not to run in this 2014 election. There are many reasons why people do not run for an elected position—recent among them is the change of length of ... Read More »

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