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Reduce fuel consumption to save money and help the planet

Reducing fuel costs is foremost on the minds of many drivers. Myriad costs are associated with owning an automobile, many of which are within a driver’s control. For instance, safe drivers are likely to spend less on auto insurance than drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents, while drivers who purchase a vehicle ... Read More »

The Gibson’s Landing Sunday Market is open!

The Gibsons Landing Sunday market opened for the season on May 5, with live music, wild and farmed food, artisan crafts, record-breaking temperatures and breath-taking views. Held on Cowrie Street across from Winegarden Park from 10am to 3pm , rain or shine, through to the end of September, the weekly market is a great part ... Read More »

How to conserve water and benefit the environment

Eco-conscious men and women have many options at their disposal when it comes to protecting the environment. One such way is to conserve water. Conserving water can be done in a variety of ways, many of which won’t require much effort at all. The following are a handful of ways you can conserve water to ... Read More »

Roberts Creek Arts Fest new additions

Now in its second year, the Roberts Creek Arts Festival (RCAF) has grown to include a wider range of venues spread throughout Roberts Creek. Each stop on the festival celebrates the highest calibre of art and design in incredible ‘dream-come-true’ locations like Robert Studer’s This is It Studio. In the theme of all things Roberts ... Read More »

Is there a more beautiful place on Earth than Roberts Creek?

There are about 20 little public beach access points dotted along both Beach Avenue and Lower Road  for those who prefer a quieter and more secluded Roberts Creek beach experience. Roberts Creek is named after Harry Roberts, an Englishman who settled in the area and went on to build the first post office. It is ... Read More »

Trail Bay Centre has a storied history

In 1950 Edric and Florrie Clayton decided to build a small grocery store. The original wooden building was called Clayton’s Market. In the past year we have seen the new building at St. Mary’s hospital go up, The Watermark building come closer to completion and many other developments taking place. As any town evolves, so ... Read More »

Mother / Daughter Look-alike Contest

We have the Winners! Judging was a joy and a challenge, made especially difficult by the number of uncanny resemblances. We look forward to next year’s challenge!     Read More »

The Oranges is a juicy comedy

Richard Gere’s agent, Ed Limato, called director Julian Farino to tell him Gere was interested in the script, but Farino only wanted Hugh Laurie (from the TV series House) to play the role of David because he said that Laurie was the only person who had the innate decency that could carry this movie.  There ... Read More »

Sunshine Coast Community Orchestra celebrates 20 years

On May 26 The Sunshine Coast Community Orchestra Association will celebrate 20 years of creating musical opportunities on the Coast by hosting a gala evening of performance at The Raven’s Cry Theatre.  For its long-time members, one of the joys of this special event will be welcoming back some of the original players. Elizabeth (Currie) ... Read More »

Gibsons Legion remembers V-E Day

As military veterans across the country commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic on Sunday, May 5, the Gibsons Legion gathered at Seaview Cemetery to remember the end of the European conflict on land, at sea and in the air (V-E Day) and salute their comrades. The Trooping of the Colours, the ... Read More »

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