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Speeding is only cool in the movies

Tips to stay safe To help prevent a crash when driving in poor weather, increase your following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to at least four seconds. Slow down on uneven, wet, icy or snowy roads: Behind other vehicles, allow at least two seconds’ following distance in good weather and ... Read More »

Hybrid extinction prediction is probably premature

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently equated hybrid vehicles to early amphibians that hopped out of the oceans, learned to survive on land and eventually disappeared. Ironically, if the electric vehicle (EV) evolved in a similar way, Tesla (an exclusively EV company) wouldn’t exist right now and this would probably be in a vibrant Hybrid Age! ... Read More »

Horoscope February 7 to February 13

Tip of the Week: Mercury Retrograde is back for the first of its tri-annual tours to tease, taunt and tickle our fancies. Yes, Mercury moving backward, from our experiential perspective, has a way of messing with all modes of communication with confusions, conundrums, tantrums and even tears as common reactions. Disruptions to our technological devices ... Read More »

Library books historic agreement

Chief Librarian Margaret Hodgins, Sechelt Mayor John Henderson, Sechelt Councillor Mike Shanks and shíshálh Nation Councillor Jordan Louie sign a service agreement that will guarantee a stable budget for BC’s third-busiest library. Photo Heather Jeal The signing of a historic five-year service agreement with its local government partners on Friday, January 24, moved the Sechelt ... Read More »

Undergrads discover supernova ‘by fluke’

Exciting astronomy news! Undergrads at a London University recently discovered a supernova by a fluke during a ten minute telescope workshop. The supernova was found in Messier 82, a cigar shaped galaxy located between the Big and Little Dipper and is one of the nearest and brightest stellar explosions for almost three decades! January 24 ... Read More »

Board clarifies Trustee roles, policies, perceptions

In addition to allocating resources through our annual budget, one of the most important duties of the Board of Education is to pass policy that guides our district. These policies then direct senior staff in crafting regulations to guide the everyday operations of our schools and programs. A great deal of work has been done ... Read More »

Herring spawn season approaches

The Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish (SCFFF) volunteer group warns the  public – especially gardeners – that herring spawn season is upon us and urges everyone to leave seaweed on the beach rather than gathering it for garden mulch. February and March are herring spawning months on the coast, and herring will often choose ... Read More »

Worst marketing idea ever…

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Letters to the Editor – Opinions

An apology – and a clarification Editor’s note: The front page photo caption that ran in our January 23 edition (‘Dam it!’) was misleading. In a misguided attempt at a catchy headline, we sacrificed accuracy. We sincerely apologize to our readers and to the principals of Narrows Inlet Hydro, who kindly supplied us with last week’s ... Read More »

Editorial Opinion – Showing leadership in improving lives of persons living with Alzheimer’s

January was Alzheimer awareness month and an opportunity to share information and increase awareness about this degenerative disease. By becoming informed of the signs, symptoms and services available, we can support those currently diagnosed with this disease to remain active and engaged members of their communities. Up to 70,000 British Columbians are living with Alzheimer’s ... Read More »

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