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Avalanche awareness is paramount in backcountry

Avalanche awareness is paramount in backcountry

There’s plenty of snow in BC’s backcountry and all outdoor enthusiasts should be thoughtful about the importance of staying safe while playing in the snow.
Avalanche Awareness Days were January 19 to 20 and provided an excellent opportunity for outdoor adventurers to learn how to be prepared before heading into the backcountry.
Here are some valuable tips:
1. Plan ahead. Before you head outdoors be sure to leave a trip plan with someone and stick to that plan. For a printable copy of a trip plan visit:
2. Have the proper equipment. It’s essential to ensure it’s in working order and practice with it before heading into the backcountry. More information on safety equipment is available at:
3. Winter conditions in BC’s backcountry can change rapidly. Get the most recent bulletin and weather forecasts at:
It’s very important that all outdoor recreation enthusiasts recognize that they are taking some measure of personal risk when choosing to do so. Every year approximately 14 people across Canada die in avalanches and of those, about 80 percent happen in BC.
The BC government has provided the Canadian Avalanche Centre with a total of $1,490,000 since 2001. This has enabled the Centre to enhance the public avalanche warning service.  Bulletins are now issued every day in most regions and include region-specific information, improving safety for all backcountry users.

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