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Bad faith decision

Bad faith decision

(Letter to SCRD board members)
We were certainly dismayed to hear of the SCRD’s recent decision to revisit the Coopers Green Park Hall project. Several years of diligent work, including public consultation, have led to an agreement between the SCRD and the Halfmoon Bay Community Association for the replacement of the existing hall. Why are you backtracking now?
We made a sizeable donation to the fundraising project, as did many others, with the understanding that the money would be going towards the replacement of the existing hall in a location easily accessible to us. If this is not to be the case, will our money be refunded? This “bad faith” decision, if not rescinded, would certainly undermine our confidence in any future SCRD development projects and, indeed, in the SCRD’s elected board members. Please rethink your decision.
Jeff and Val Marus,
Halfmoon Bay

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