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Baxter: A good year for SD 46

Baxter: A good year for SD 46

Education-Matters---Betty-BaxterAs we end our school year, everyone in School District No. 46 is busy completing final projects, hosting celebratory events, and anticipating a well-deserved break. Our graduating students are recognized for their accomplishments and our staff are honoured for their hard work in support of students. We have said heartfelt thanks and goodbyes to those leaving us for new adventures.

It has been a good year. Once again the Board of Education was privileged to have a student trustee at our decision making table. Elphinstone student Wyatt Henley worked hard this year as the voice for students and the Board took time to thank him at our meeting on June 14.  We know Wyatt will make a great contribution to UBC campus as a new student in their Department of Engineering. The district student leadership team has met with incoming students and we look forward to meeting them all in early September and hearing who will be their choice to join the Board as student trustee for the coming year. It is a valuable role in our district.

To those who leave our district this year, whether students or staff, we thank you for your contributions as we seek “Excellence in all we do!”  We know you have worked hard and more learning and success will happen wherever the next steps in your journey take you.  You have friends and support here and have earned our respect and esteem. We’d love to welcome you back anytime.We wish you well. Be ambitious, be kind, be patient and follow your passion.

To those who return to continue our work together or those who will join us for the first time, we look forward to welcoming you in September. Excellence in education for children and young people creates the backbone of a strong community. Our community is a strong one, resilient and generous, kind and creative.  As we continue our work together it will become ever stronger. Have a great summer.

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