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BC campaign to get youth to the polls

BC campaign to get youth to the polls

Students across BC have launched a province-wide campaign to encourage young British Columbians to vote in this fall’s provincial election. Run by a coalition of student groups, representing over 375,000 post-secondary students, “Take It Over” aims to not only mobilize students and young people to vote in this provincial election but also encourages them to take over the narrative of this election and ensure their voices are heard.
“The popular stereotype of politically-disengaged young people is dangerously inaccurate,” said Grace Dupasquier, chairperson of Alliance of BC Students. “We are passionate about improving our communities in ways that allow everyone to thrive, and we urge all candidates to take this into account as they prepare their campaigns and seek our support. There are now officially more young people eligible to vote than older generations, and students, in particular, are extremely motivated to get to the polls. We are looking for leaders genuinely devoted to delivering a bright, stable, and equitable
Young adults in BC have been disproportionately affected by the COVID–19 pandemic, as they predominantly work in sectors such as hospitality and tourism, which have been all but shuttered this summer.
The “Take it Over” campaign is calling for a leader’s debate focusing on young people, and expressly allowing for young people and students to put forward questions about issues that matter to them, like affordable housing, jobs, affordable education, anti-racism initiatives, and the environment. Further, the campaign encourages people to pledge that they will be voting and provides an opportunity for them to email candidates in their ridings about the
In the 2017 BC election, voter turnout amongst 18 to 24-year-olds increased by over 8 percent, surpassing the number of voters aged 25 to 44.

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