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BC extends coverage for diabetes management

British Columbians up to age 25 who require an insulin pump to manage their type 1 diabetes will now be covered by BC PharmaCare, Health Minister Terry Lake announced recently.

“The need to constantly balance insulin doses with food and activities can be a challenge for anyone with diabetes, especially young British Columbians,” said Lake. “For some, an insulin pump provides stability and better monitoring. Expanding coverage to include young adults will help offset financial costs for many families.” Currently, BC PharmaCare’s insulin pump program covers anyone 18 years and younger who meet specific criteria for the reimbursement of insulin pumps and supplies. This announcement extends that coverage to include those who are transitioning to early adulthood, and may not have access to third party insurance coverage, or who cannot afford to buy an insulin pump. The average cost of an insulin pump is about $6,500; PharmaCare will cover the cost of a pump up to $6,600.

Canadian Diabetes Association regional director, Sue Taylor noted, “This is a great next step in ensuring people with diabetes have the tools they need to better manage their disease, ultimately improving their health and quality of life.”


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