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BC Ferries’ error

BC Ferries’ error

(Re “BC Ferries ‘insulting’”, letters, the Local, Jan.23)

BC Ferries made a major error when they issued a letter to Mr. Roper authorizing courtesy Assured Loading upon presentation of a MSP TAP authorization at the Langdale terminal.  It is a classic example of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  Now the wheel needs more grease.  Mr. Roper should have been directed to the BC Ferries website where he could then make his own arrangements and payment for Assured Loading.

On the several times that I have been referred to a specialist in Vancouver I contacted the specialist’s receptionist and told them that I live in Gibsons and could I get a late morning or preferably an early afternoon appointment if possible.  This enables me to travel on a sailing at a time less prone to overloads.  Living in Gibsons, close to the ferry terminal, we can also check the deck space committed on the BC Ferries website and get to the terminal a little earlier if necessary.  When travelling to Vancouver General Hospital for a procedure I found the most convenient and cost-effective way was to walk on the ferry and take public transportation to my appointment.  

There are a number of ways that we can make essential travel to and from the Lower Mainland less stressful.  

Derek Johns,


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