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Be a Director for the Gibsons and District Library Foundation

Be a Director for the Gibsons and District Library Foundation

The Gibsons & District Public Library is fortunate to have a Foundation that provides additional funding for special Library projects addressing the literacy and learning needs of residents. The Library and the community would not benefit from these proceeds without the support and dedication of volunteers past and present, who formed and run the Foundation.

Presently, the Gibsons and District Library Foundation is calling for volunteers to sit on its Board of Directors.  The Board oversees administration of a charitable fund set up to receive gifts, bequests and legacy endowments. The Foundation disburses funds for facility enhancement, in-house and outreach programs and activities above and beyond the grants provided by various levels of government.

Libraries have existed for millennia, and although their modern-day relevance has been challenged, they endure as community hubs and guardians of knowledge. Gibsons resident and library supporter Albert Reeve believes that “In spite of a growing tsunami of electronic publishing and ‘Googleization’ of almost everything, libraries will continue to be important institutions, particularly in small communities.” He notes that interlibrary loans, e-book lending, and free internet access ensure even the smallest libraries have global reach. “Information provided by Google and others is ordered by commercial merit. Libraries provide information on a free and unprejudiced basis,” Reeve adds, stating “the gold standard of library success is circulation.” The Gibsons library is one of the province’s busiest, regularly ranking in the top five.

Persons wishing to support the Foundation through serving on its Board may find further information on the website at The website also features information about Foundation programs and how to donate. Cheques made payable to Gibsons and District Library Foundation also may be mailed to Box 109, Gibsons V0N 1V0 or dropped off at the Library at 470 South Fletcher Road.

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