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Body of Light celebrates healing

Body of Light celebrates healing

Coast International Public Art Society (CIPS), a registered BC non-profit society, recently announced it will present Body of Light, a multi-media performance piece created and designed by Gordon Halloran, at the Sechelt Arts Festival in October, 2014. CIPS produced the community interactive Performance for Ice Gate at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games,

Halloran describes Body of Light as an enlightening theatrical and entertaining performance based on the transformative nature of physical and emotional healing and the mystery of wellness. Body of Light celebrates the myriad of human emotions experienced when one falls ill and learns to deal with the human body in a vulnerable state. Halloran explores the contradictions, rituals, emotions, variety, humor and surprise of moving from a besieged state to getting well.

The work is currently in development with Halloran collaborating with actor/writer Caitlin Hicks and several other local professional performers and artists. The finished work will feature comedy, dance, spoken word and film. Body of Light will be presented at The Raven’s Cry Theatre in October.

As part of the ongoing nature of this project in the community, Body of Light would like to invite members of the community to participate with stories of their experience of healing in all its facets. Are you a health practitioner, a patient, a family member, friend, newly diagnosed, in-process, healed? Has your journey surprised you, made you laugh, taken you to a place of healing you’d like to share? Body of Light is seeking insights into your experiences of healing: comic, exhilarating, angry, terrified, happy, discouraged, hopeful, etc  – the gamut. Your story will be kept completely confidential, unless otherwise desired. Please contact: and arrange a time for a confidential interview.


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