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Hi there, I’m Sam, the new community outreach coordinator at the Gibsons and District Public Library, and you need to know something about me – libraries are by far my favourite place to be. Where else in our world do we have an institution devoted to sharing? Libraries are all about sharing books, but also sharing knowledge, culture and public space. It’s about creating fertile ground for community members to connect with one another. I love libraries because they are by their nature anti-authoritarian (they are not your boss, landlord or teacher), anti-capitalist (they are not after your money), anti-consumerist and anti-individualist (people don’t need to each buy their own copy of a book, they can share one). I dare say, in our current context of pandemic-induced economic recession, the core mandate of the library is more essential than ever.
Here at the Gibsons and District Public Library, we are proud to be one of the first libraries to have opened our doors to the public. Feel free to come over and browse our physical collection. You can even sit down to read or do some work for a bit – as long as we haven’t exceeded our maximum capacity of 20 patrons.
We are not planning to provide in-person group programming just yet, but stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming one-on-one tech clinics, our grab-and-go project kits and other quarantine-friendly initiatives.
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