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Botanical Garden perennial fave Egan Davis returns

Botanical Garden perennial fave Egan Davis returns

P 10 garden sweden pic

A portion of the garden created by Peter Korn in Sweden, where plants are encouraged to grow the way they do in nature. Photo submitted

Perennial favourite Egan Davis returns to the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden for a talk on March 19, following a visit to gardening guru Peter Korn in Sweden.

Korn has a two-hectare garden located in Eskilsby, Sweden, where he is building a private botanic garden, using mostly sand and gravel. The area was covered with dense forest before he began to clear it for his garden.

By allowing plants in the garden to have similar growing conditions as in the wild, it can be easy to maintain functional plantings.

Davis returned from his working visit to Korn’s garden last summer ecstatic with his new understanding of plants growing in habitat communities that mimic natural ecosystems.

A lively and entertaining speaker, Davis will pique your interest and possibly change your gardening ways.

Davis appears at the Garden in West Sechelt, Saturday, March 19 at 2pm.

$15 for Botanical Garden members, $20 for non-members
Tickets available by email or by phone 604-740-3969.  Submitted

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