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Bringing the library into the 21st Century

Bringing the library into the 21st Century

Books-&-BeyondIn 2016 our beautiful Library building will turn 20 years old. Some of you may remember the opening of the new library and the extraordinary work done by volunteers raising funds to support the project. You may also remember at that time using a card catalogue to search for books and having your book stamped with a due date.  Things certainly have changed rapidly over the last 20 years. For most of us computers weren’t much more than a typing machine, and the Internet was in its infancy, pre-Google days!

Since that time, library services and the way people use libraries has also changed immensely. In 2014 the Library celebrated its first century of service, the same year the Library Board recognized a need to adapt the library building, optimizing the current space. A plan was developed to transform the Library’s existing layout to accommodate 21st century library services, including the modification of the foyer into a Teen section, reorientation of shelves, circulation and reference services, and installation of additional seating areas and work surfaces. These changes will create additional space for all ages to utilize and enjoy the Library on your own or in a group.

Over the next six months the Library Board and staff will continue working on the plan, including ways to fund the project. Thanks to a generous donation from the Library Foundation the Library Board is optimistic that this project is well within reach.

In the meantime you may see some minor changes to the existing layout of the Library. Library staff are continuously evaluating our services and how they are delivered, to ensure we are doing the best job possible.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in volunteering or contributing to the project drop by the Library, send us an eami: or call us at 604-886-213.

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