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Burning rules

Burning rules

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Consider(ate) Home Heating talk on Sunday afternoon (Feb. 25) at the Seaside Centre in Sechelt.

If you missed it and would like to know how you can earn $400 for scrapping your old stove, or think your neighbour should do something about theirs, please get in touch:

If you must burn wood:

• Make sure your wood heating system is designed correctly for your space and is well maintained

• Burn only dry, seasoned wood  free of rot, mould, and fungus, with a moisture content of  less than 20 per cent.

• Never let the fire smoulder; keep the damper open as much as possible

• Burn in cycles; avoid opening the loading door on a full fire

• Learn to burn without smoke; try lighting your fire “upside down”.

Nara Brenchley,

Sunshine Coast 

Clean Air Society

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