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Busy summer at Gibsons Library

Busy summer at Gibsons Library

heather evans cullenThe library has been bustling this summer with a diverse array of programs for young people. Books were vibrating with music beats at our tween dance during which summer program participants showed off the DJ skills they had learned with instructor and professional DJ Henry Telfer. The creative minds camps have had kids learning everything from using 3D printers to making stop animation films – the library is a creative gathering space where there is always something for everyone. There is always access to our computers, new chromebooks and new digital printer, as well as programs and events for all interests.

In keeping with the library’s goal of lifelong learning, we are always looking at ways to bring new educational opportunities to our community. Combining practical learning with promoting environmental responsibility, we will now have a Repair Cafe one Saturday each month: the upcoming dates are 12:30-4:30pm on Sat. Aug. 19 and Sat. Sept. 30.  At the Repair Cafes, you can bring in any broken small appliance, item or instrument, and volunteers from the SC Makers will work with you to fix it. In our time of consumption and stuff, initiatives like this Repair Cafe series inspire us to fix rather than to throw away. They also encourage self-reliance and learning new skills.

If learning a language is on your to do or dream list, there are many ways the library can assist you. Of the many amazing databases you have free access to with your library card, Mango languages is one of the most fun to use. You can learn conversational skills in any language, at any level with helpful voice playback features to ensure your pronunciation is correct. Regular weekly conversational groups at the library in Japanese, Spanish and French are also a great way to start learning a new language, or to keep up existing skills.

Our skilled and knowledgeable library staff are always here to help you find the resources and programs you need and want. For further information on any of our services or programs, call (604) 886-2130 or check out our website

See you at the library.

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