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Camping 101 for the novice

Camping is a popular activity, but many curious would-be campers do not know where to get started. Instead of jumping right in, first try to learn as much about camping as possible. Find a friend or family member who enjoys camping out and ask to join in on their next trip. Take advantage of this person’s supplies (you may need to purchase nominal equipment, such as a backpack and sleeping bag) and expertise. It is generally easier to learn the ropes from someone who has experience, and can offer suggestions about gear.

If your first trip inspires a genuine love of camping, then you can rent or purchase equipment.

Remember: you will be outdoors where wild animals reside, and a campsite can attract anything from small rodents to larger predators. Food should always be stored in insulated coolers stored away from the tent, off the ground and out of reach of animals. Dispose of garbage in covered trash receptacles. Do not feed wildlife, ever.

Camping is a popular pastime and an activity tailor-made for warmer weather. But beginners should learn the ropes and test their equipment before investing too much time and money.


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