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Can’t stay home

Can’t stay home

(Re “COVID-19 on the Coast: doctors”)
In the article, it says “please do not leave your home unless you have essential reason to do so”.
Unless the store I’m working at closes, I cannot qualify for any financial assistance from the government. I don’t have benefits, I don’t have paid sick days, and unless someone is going to hand me a few weeks wages from their pocket to stay at home, I can’t afford to not work.
I can’t afford to selfishly and greedily hoard, like many of our residents have chosen to do. I have no savings. I understand the reason behind staying at home, and I would love to, but I don’t make the same money as a doctor does, and I don’t have the luxury to just take a few weeks off. I can’t qualify for any relief under the new COVID-19 economic response plan at the moment as I’m not sick or taking care of someone sick. What choice do I have but to continue to go to work?
My husband will lose his truck because we can’t make a payment. That’s his livelihood and he’ll be out of work without one. Staying at home without financial help for a few weeks would literally land us out on the street. It’s not being dramatic, it’s the truth. Ideals are great, but unless you can help some of us take care of practical things like being able to buy food and be able to keep our vehicle (which ensures our main source of income), then I don’t have much of a choice but to continue working and do the best I can at social distancing and hand washing.
Alicia Passmore, Gibsons

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