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Car-sharing, renting and fall real estate tips

Car-sharing, renting and fall real estate tips

A focus on squeezing out the last few drops of summer while getting kids ready for school meant that buying or selling a home wasn’t a top priority in September.

Families are returning to their routines and as such, I anticipate that October will be slightly busier than last month. I see two positives as we move further into fall.

One, Vancouverites shopping on the Sunshine Coast still exist, just in smaller numbers. They see value in buying in Gibsons but they’re more discerning in the properties they’ll consider.

Two, snowbirds from Northern BC and the prairies will soon be arriving on the Coast. While summer tourists outnumber our winter visitors, this is a source of potential fall and winter buyers that doesn’t exist most other places in Canada.

When you’re selling, work with an agent who will price and market your home aggressively, both locally and out-of-market.

It is important to take your time and do your research when picking a Realtor as it is likely the largest financial transaction you be involved in.

The second largest transaction is you will be involved in buying (or selling) a car. Luckily for Sunshine Coasters, a more affordable option is to join the Coast Car Co-op and only pay for a car when you actually need it.

Carsharing saves you on the cost and hassle of vehicle maintenance, oil changes and repair time. Those expenses are covered by your membership and by the reasonable hourly fee you pay each time you use one of the co-op’s five vehicles.

A Coast Car Co-op membership even works off-coast. There are currently roaming agreements with carshares in Vancouver, Kelowna, and the Kootenays.

If you already own a vehicle, a Coast Car Co-op membership could take the place of a second vehicle. You’ll save some money while reducing pollution and congestion. See the below links to the Coast Car Co-op’s website for information on rates or to sign up for a new membership.

Depending on your stage in life or financial situation, you may find yourself more looking for somewhere to rent than thinking of buying or selling a home or car.

The rental market on the Sunshine Coast is very competitive right now so here are three tips to help tenants get their rental applications noticed.

Step One. Have a rental resume prepared in advance. Just like a job resume, it should include info on your background, employment, and rental history.

Step Two. Provide a credit report with your application. Obtain your free credit report by going to the address at the bottom of this article and following the instructions. If your credit’s not so good, consider including a co-signer on your application.

Step Three. Be on time for viewing appointments and dress to impress. You don’t need a tuxedo but business casual creates a good first impression.

Most of the Real Estate brokerages on the Sunshine Coast have Realtors that specialize in property rental management and can help or advise you on the steps detailed above.

For more info on how to choose your Sunshine Coast Realtor, visit

Coast Car Co-op membership link is

Where to get your free credit report for rental applications

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