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Boaters busted

On July 20, the police boat was out patrolling the waters around Keats Island and checking boat operators for Small Vessel Regulations infractions. Canada Shipping Act Violation Notice Warning tickets were issued to a number of operators for the following deficiencies: operators licences, flares, boat operator cards, heaving lines, paddles, sounding devices, flashlights, and bailing ... Read More »

FUSE Sunshine Coast

As sophisticated as a laptop-based business can be, there are professional expectations and requirements that demand more than working from the kitchen table at home. Enter FUSE Work Hub.  Need office space?  Meeting space?  Networking space?  FUSE has offices up and down the Coast that provide vital professional space to help bridge that gap for ... Read More »

Advantage service & leadership: Staff development is the path to success

There are many ways to improve and grow a business, and no shortage of areas to prioritize, but training and investing in staff proves its value time and again – from lower turnover, better performance, higher customer satisfaction, and a maturation of institutional knowledge, an investment in staff is an investment in the organization that ... Read More »

Drought threatens local food security: Local farmers struggle to adapt to changing climate realities

As my five-year-old son scampers beside me while we walk up the long driveway to the Exotic Fruit Nursery in Roberts Creek one afternoon in early May, the wind cuts through my two layers of sweaters and chills me. It’s hard to believe that only three days earlier, the province was still in the grip ... Read More »

The business of bees

Kathleen Suddes loves her bees. Heading into winter, the owner operator of Roberts Creek Honey had 92 hives that, in a good year, produce around 75 pounds of honey. Those 92 hives, at the peak of the season, represent around 5 million bees located in various acreages along the Sunshine Coast, including 10 hives at ... Read More »

Gibsons Florist: Living life in full bloom

The power of a single bloom has the ability to elicit past memories. It can dig up emotions from a moment in time, bring joy and beauty to an event, show support and provide consolation when words are hard to come by. Do you remember the first time you received or gave flowers? What memory ... Read More »

Buried treasure

Gemstones have always fascinated humans. Compared to the drab browns and greys of the dirt and rock they’re pulled from, the rough crystals are of such otherworldly colours that in ancient times they were said to be of celestial origin and possess magical qualities. Most gemstones were formed deep in the earth billions of years ... Read More »

Hoof boots: ‘There Are No Horseshoes In Heaven’

Carole Herder, President of Cavallo Horse and Rider, has taken a holistic view in building businesses and caring for herself. When asked by The Local about her business success, Herder’s reply focused on service.  “As an entrepreneur you need to serve a community and you have to be willing to create that community,” said Herder.  ... Read More »

Sweet dreams at Reflections Bed & Bath Collections: 30th anniversary

We all need a space that we can retreat to, to experience our own oasis and a sense of peace and calm. For most of us that place is our bedroom and bathroom. At Reflections Bed and Bath you can find all you need to turn your bedroom and bathroom into a space of tranquility ... Read More »

Kenmac Auto Parts: Celebrating 60 years in business

Kenmac Auto Parts is turning 60 this year and knows that family values have been their road to success. As with raising a family, times are filled with successes, joy, learning, growth spurts, and struggles, but through it all, they are always together. Creating an environment of service excellence keeps their business, as well as ... Read More »

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