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Other care options

(Open letter to Health Minister Adrian Dix, copied to the Local) Thank you, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, for the excellent response to the COVID-19 pandemic here in BC. However, I am writing to you as a volunteer in long term care for 25 years, disturbed by the decision to allow a for-profit facility in Sechelt ... Read More »

Follow science

(Re Horoscope, Michael O’Connor, the Local, July 30) I was quite shocked to see you suggesting the old myth that climate science was not settled. I had to read that twice to see if I was actually reading what I thought I was reading. If 99 per cent of scientists are agreeing on something AND ... Read More »

The slow in Sundays

Slow Sundays in the Creek is now in its fifth – although truncated – season. In 2016, then-Roberts Creek SCRD area director/musician Mark Lebbell suggested to Graham Walker that having some music at the gazebo behind the Roberts Creek Library would be a great way to slow down traffic on Lower Rd. on Sundays. Walker ... Read More »

Can council hear?

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has changed so much about the way we live in this country. Many predict these changes will be permanent. What happened in long-term care was horrifying. No one deserved to die this way, least of all the generation that paid into the system they built (our much-vaunted health infrastructure) only ... Read More »

Poisoning deaths

A great many of us are distressed by the occurrence of the current multitude of deaths caused by toxic drug use. What also concerns me is the constant referral of these deaths as “drug overdose deaths” when, in fact, most of these deaths are caused by poisoning from unknown additives in illegal drugs. It irks ... Read More »

Turning in his grave

Tommy Douglas must be turning in his grave. The BC NDP government has suddenly announced that it plans to use private surgical clinics in BC to reduce the backlog of elective surgeries that were put on hold because of COVID-19. It looks like the contracts with BC private clinics are signed and it was all ... Read More »

Protect seniors

BC’s Health Minister Adrian Dix has announced plans for almost 500 new long-term care beds, and the government’s plan is to contract out 85 per cent of these new beds. There’s no guarantee that the contracts won’t go to for-profit nursing home chains that make millions in profits by cutting corners, neglecting seniors and mistreating ... Read More »

Conflict of interest

(Addressed to SCRD Chair Lori Pratt and provincial governance officials, and copied to the Local) My concerns are regarding the SCRD meetings about Short Term Rental bylaws within the Sunshine Coast Regional District. My local area (Roberts Creek) director Andreas Tize owns a short-term rental on his property, and still has not recused himself from ... Read More »

Lack of action

(Addressed to Transportation Minister Claire Trevena, and copied to the Local) The tragic death of a motorcyclist in Roberts Creek (on May 26) has again highlighted the complete inadequacy and danger of the so-called highway here on the Southern Sunshine Coast. The subsequent editorial and letters in the local media and many, many social media ... Read More »

Who will pay?

(Addressed to Forests Minister Doug Donaldson, and copied to the Local) I write to ensure you are aware of how BCTS is handling the sensitive Reed Road logging proposal, in what is essentially a residential neighbourhood. The property owners immediately adjacent to the intended clear cut of DL 1313 were assured a thorough consultation process ... Read More »

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