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The magic number is five. That’s how many resident/stakeholders were contacted (in March) by BC Timber Sales (BCTS) about their plan to log our lovely Reed Road Forest. I am certain that when Forests Minister Doug Donaldson told BCTS last year that they must hold a meaningful public meeting, he had a more all-inclusive meeting ... Read More »

Golf explained

(Re “Whole in one”, letters, the Local, April 2) While appreciating your opinion on whether or not I should golf, I am wondering why you feel that someone who golfs does not “volunteer in the community to fight this war”. You have no idea what I do or do not do in this community. However, ... Read More »

Need better wages

On the Sunshine Coast, there has been a display of extraordinary community good will in dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic.    Our community has shown its appreciation to those who continue to work because they are considered essential. These people are preforming a great service and in so doing are putting themselves and their ... Read More »

Need better wages

(Addressed to Health Minister Adrian Dix and copied to the Local) On April 1, your ministry introduced a wage standard for all long-term care employees in the province – an essential measure to reduce the problem of badly-paid workers coming to the workplace when they’re ill and taking shifts in multiple facilities just to make ... Read More »

Curb-side liquor?

(Addressed to BC Liquor Distribution Branch and copied to the Local) The medical advice from BC recommends taking as few non-essential trips as possible and keeping social distancing. When I enquired at the local LDB whether they either deliver or provide curb-side pickup I was told that they did not. Many other businesses allow one ... Read More »

Freeze taxes

(Re “Sechelt working to slim budget”, the Local, April 2) The world is in the eye of a deadly storm, a history-making pandemic: businesses are closed, millions are out of work and people are dying. However, Mayor Siegers said “A zero-per-cent tax increase is not realistic. That is not going to happen.” I do not ... Read More »


(Addressed to Premier John Horgan and copied to the Local) On March 9, the BC government passed a new law called the Fuel Price Transparency Act to monitor fuel prices which have been found to be inexplicably higher on average than in other areas of Canada. On the Sunshine Coast the price of gasoline should ... Read More »

Daffodil heaven

(Re front page of the Local, March 19) Thank you for publishing the photograph of golden daffodils on the front page of the Local. Such an image must have given many readers pleasure to forget the tensions of daily global anxiety. The sight of daffodils blooming around our community is such an uplifting vision to ... Read More »

Town delivery

(Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local) There is something you can do for the people of Gibsons NOW and set an example for the other governments on the Coast. Every day I see town vehicles driving around. I am sure there are important things that have to be taken care of but ... Read More »

Seniors stymied

(Re “Seniors’ shopping”, the Local, March 26) On Monday, March 30 three seniors were lined up at “Your Independent Grocer” in Sechelt at 7am, per the article in your newspaper. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to shop that early after all. Three different employees were asked what was happening; two refused to send anyone out ... Read More »

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